Increasing the use of social media tools among the people corporate and politicIans

Now a days the use of social media tools like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter  etc are using by the most of the people. Almost all the people from childhood are using the social media tools. Now a days celebraties like cinema actors,sports persons,politicians ,corporates etc are using the social media to interact with the ordinary people and they are replying to the people.Not all the people will not meet the celebraties but with the help of social media they are mostly interacting with all the peoples with the help of Facebook, Instagram live modes.And they are posting the activities in the form of stories with the help of the social media.
   Corporates are mostly using social media that they are releasing any new products that they will be sharing in social media like Facebook,Instagram and Twitter etc. With the help of this many people will be attracting to that products. Majority of the corporates are using the social media for the marketing purpose. Marketing in the social media is of free of cost.
  Politicians are using the social media to post their party works and the post their opposite party mistakes etc.Social media is mostly used by the politicians from ground stage to the peak stage. Some of the politicians who are not more famous they will use the  social media. At first they record their videos they are reacting to the opposite party leaders statements and they will post the videos in social media YouTube,Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. Many politicians will use Twitter including the prime minister Modi sir too. They use more because they cannot be interact with the people personally that's why they will Twitter to post that they doing so and so.
  Now a days even a 4th 5th class students are also using the social media mostly. Using social media is not a bad thing using more will harm. Use the social media in a limited manner that we cannot addict to it using more of social media effect your health and relations too.

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