Increase in social media tools.

Social media’s impact and effects are different for different kind of people. They can’t be explained under common points because that would eliminate many scenarios and many circumstances that occur in daily life. So, here are few categories which would cover most of the people.
Common People : A study by broadband revealed that an average time a person spent on social media is about two and half hours and that’s in 2017, which increased by 18 minutes for one year. Studies by biologists also reveal that spending more than 4 hours on internet will damage your eyesight. It’s not only about physical health. Did you know that 75% of the forward messages and facts you see on instagram, whatsapp and facebook are actually false? Also you can see more debates and knowledge in the comment section rather than the post by the fact page? The lack of communication and interaction with people, created more introverts and mentally ill teenagers than mother earth ever wanted to. Not only there are disadvantages but also major advantages.
          A forward message on whatsapp group or a story on Instagram is seen by more people than the notice put on the notice board. An urgent message can be sent through email. It made so many people’s life easier. And the job oppurtunities it can create is also mind boggling. You can just sit and explore the world, read novels, watch the speech given by APJ Abdul Kalam 3 years ago and comment your opinion about it and know others too. Knowledge available on social media is vast. Might be true or false. The person who can differentiate this can truly use social media what it is really for.
Corporate Companies: The only thing corporate companies really care about in social media is advertising and popularity of the product they sell or the news they want to spread. The advertisements you see on Youtube, Sponsored pictures and videos on Instagram and the shopping column on Facebook page all of it benefits both the social media and corporate companies. Sometimes, it benefits the costumer too. Everything you want to buy is available for sale. From a set of hair pins to an Enfield bike. Heavens, you can buy a ship if it’s available on quickrr. But the amount of ads and our search privacy is questionable. If you search for something on amazon, you can see that it pops out the next minute you open youtube or facebook. It’s all an algorithm and sale of our privacy. Yet, it’s helpful for us in many scenarios.
Politicians: Here is a common point between both politicians and corporate heads, “Popularity”. Politicians, even though they are seen outside doing their work and taking care about their representative constituencies they are seen active on Twitter and Instagram just like other celebrities. They sometimes know about others problems or announce important decisions made on twitter, so that it reaches everyone instantly. Their agendas or the comments they make on others ruling, are spread through twitter or as forward messages through whatsapp. Although there are no major disadvantages by Politicians on social media, there are minor which are better left not discussed as they don’t have any significance and or are specific.
 So, There are significant advantages and disadvantages on social media, it’s a two sided coin. It also depends on your perspective. Not all the times, you should see only the good side or the bad side. You should make it useful and not let it control you.

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