Social media is a huge platform, and to make something trending, a good word of mouth and publicity is important and through social media one can easily get audience easily for their product or something, now-a-days social media is trend itself, people usually think if someone is not using social media then he is either dumb or unfamiliar person. One can  easily get to know about anything in social media its up to the person what he wants to know, every viral thing we can get to know through social media, It has greatly affected the way people spend their leisure time.
 Nowadays anything can get into trend in social media, whether it’s a “mature bag” or that “paragliding boy”, people can get fame overnight via this trend, most popular overnight sensation was “wink girl – Priya Prakash”, the power of social media trend is enough to make a beggar overnight famous and turn that person to play back singer. However, with the rise in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, more and more people are logging in everyday just to interact with others, even these trends have some bad effects to like increase in “Fake Feminism”, “Me Too movement” and so on, this all happen because people don’t think even for a minute and share whatever comes to them and make that in trend , Here are some trends in social media.

INSTAGRAM(Today’s Trend):-
When we talk about trend the first think that strike in our mind is instagram. It is a photo and video-sharing social networking site. It allows user to upload multiple pictures in single post. Now almost all the youngsters are using instagram , going live while attending any functions or parties. People can watch u live. Different functions are inbuilt in it which create more craze for it like apply different filter in picture and organised with tags and location information.  People create memes on anything and they get viral because of millions of people following instagram.

There are a variety of trends within TikTok, including memes, lip-synced songs, and comedies. Duets, a feature that allows users to add their own video to an existing video with the original content's audio, have led to most of these trends.Trends are showed on the explore page on TikTok, or the page with the search logo. The page enlists the trending hashtags and challenges among the app. Some include #posechallenge, #filterswitch, #makeeverysecondcount, #wannalisten, #pillowchallenge, #furrywar, #hitormiss, #bottlecapchallenge and more.

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone.
Why are chatbots important? A chatbot is often described as one of the most advanced and promising expressions of interaction between humans and machines. However, from a technological point of view, a chatbot only represents the natural evolution of a Question Answering system leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Chatbots – also known as “conversational agents” – are software applications that mimic written or spoken human speech for the purposes of simulating a conversation or interaction with a real person.

Augmented reality.

Augmented reality is the expression often abbreviated to AR, refers to a simple combination of real and virtual (computer-generated) worlds. Given a real subject, captured on video or camera, the technology 'augments' (= adds to) that real-world image with extra layers of digital information. Those of us who enjoy watching television coverage of sport will already have experienced a basic form of augmented reality in action.takes something that’s real and alters it using technology.
One of the best examples of augmented reality successfully applied to the consumer market was with the Pokemon  Gogaming app.
The app accessed the user’s camera and added fictional elements to the screen.
But now, social media channels are implementing augmented reality on their platforms as well. I’m sure you’re familiar with Snapchat’s face filters.
Recent tend of FaceApp was related with Augmented reality too.


Social media is a really convenient and important communicate network for all the people nowadays. We can use it to know friends and keep contact with friends that came from different countries. We can also share our ideas so quickly so that all the things could develop so fast because people could tell us their ideas and we could improve it immediately. We could also learn new things on social media by watching or reading the things that people shared onto the social media. People could also sell things on social media freely which could reduce the expenditure of advertisements.

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