Trends in social media

        Now a days social media plays a key role in every one's life.Now every one using the smart phones.And every one is started using social media either reading and posting of type of news in a fast manner.

       There are many types of social media like youtube, facebook, twitter etc are many types of social media. Where we can see  all types of news and videos will be starting from these platforms.If a person has seen type of video if that is something interested then they start sharing the video with their friends by this the vedio will be started spreading and it will become a trend in the social media.

       If a vedio will be seen by the many people then it will be in trending.In olden days there are no smartphones no social media. At that time people were aware of using the   news papers and news channels. If any news that can be known by someone they must have to wait for a day to know news.But because of social media we are knowing the news in a fast manner.In olden days some of the news will be missing by the media because of less communication and interaction of the people with the media.But now a days people are just taking a video of any issue and they started posting in their facebook pages or in WhatsApp status or in youtube channels etc.
      In twitter the birthday trends are going and if any person uses the abusing words and posted a video then it will start trending.People were addicted to bad when compared to good.If we watch in youtube then the trending will be about of cinema teasers and trailers and movie songs etc. In many conditions the main important and useful news was not in trending when compared to the useless news.In facebook and instagram the trolls will be in trending.In our day to day life we will be watching many types of trends like TV shows and comedy videos Frank videos etc.If a vedio gets highest views in a small interval of time then it will be in trends.

       The social media will help us to know everything in a short interval of time where we can easily spread any type of things there will be no restriction here that this video can't be posted and all.Social media is the platform that a person show their talent if his performance is good then it will get views in short interval of time.If it get more views then it will be in trending.We can easily know about the any thing because of the social media in the world by watching in the mobile.Social media plays akey role in everyone's life.

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