Trends in social media

Social media
Social media is itself is trending now -a-days.Trending can be defined as anything  which is popular and social media provide a very huge platform for making anything popular and in trend.We also get information about popular or viral things via social media only.Social  media can make anything trendy from any movie to any"mature bag"   .It has greatly affected the way people spend their leisure time. Gone are the days when people frequented goes to parks or libraries during their free time. However, with the rise in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, more and more people are logging in everyday just to interact and share information with friends and followers. Moreover, social media has also changed the way people socialize and interact with each other. Even though a large number of people still meet each other or new people through traditional venues such as cafes, parks and so on, more people are discovering friends via social media.Here are some trends in social media:-

1.Promotions:- Social media brings a big platform to promote various prouducts,movies,shows etc. When any new movie comes, stars,directors,producers etc open up their social media accounts and star doing promotions of their upcoming films and songs .This not only promote their movies but also aware people about upcoming trend and movie.Also,producers and vendors chosse social media as a platform to promote their prouducts.

   2.Online food delivery :-It is very trendy now a days.People who are new to places don't know special places to eat good quality of food also they don't know the way of their favouriteplaces.So these online food delivery systems are really helpful to people who are just migrated from diffrent places.These online platforms not only help them to get their favourite food but also provide them with variety of food options with which they can opt for their choice or according to their mood food.This food is available to them at any odd hour also like may be late night also .Thus this is very helpful for student who stay awake at night to study so whenever they feel like eating food or hungry then don't need to go outside and wander here and there in search of Thier food they can just get by clicking only.All this has made our life very easy and also it is very trendy as all the people around us is making use of it.

3.Fitness and fashion:- Fitness and fashion is not a new hot topic.Its always in talk since ages .everyone in their own youth has craze about fitness and new fashion styles which are popular among stars and film industry They use to follow the same in their life's too.The only thing that make diffrence with now and earlier time is the way people get inspiration and knowledge about all this.Earlier people use to watch movie and then used to copy their styles and clothing etc.But now things are diffrent.Now people get updates with latest fashion and styles by looking at their favourite stars Instagram or Twitter account only.They use to stalk theri account get picture of their latest things and make it copy for themselves .These pictures ,designs are shared and viral on socila media sites making it popular among everyone .Not only this ,fitness itself has become a new trend new fashion now .everyone wants to live a fit and healthy life.Our faviourate stars just like Akshay Kumar ,katirna kaif can be seen openly prompting fitness routine and diet.Stars and players used to post Thier gym pictures encouraging us to do the same not just for making body fit and to look good but also to make oneself stronger.Thus all these things that is challenging each other in social media to do this much count of pushup or to perform particular excercise is very popular and in trend.

4.Pubg:-Trendy list is incomplete without this name.Nothing goes like this viral before this game.People have gone crazy about this.they have forgotten their study,food,family and everything because of this game.If this gets continues then that day is not far when we will get trends and pubg as synonyms .Pubg has broke all the records and has set such high
high records to be so popular that there is no scope for any other to beat Pubg in the list of being trendy.Person who don't know about this word or game is considered to living in its own world without having any social knowledge .We can find memes and stories of Pubg scores beating each other competitions etc.all around in the social media sites.this has become so popular that people started posting memes and stories about Pubg various situations.also there are so many vedios and news getting viral about Pubg .so this is new trend for which people are drawing but as excess of everything is bad so they should not forget the world around them nd should consider a game like a game only.

5.Tik-tok: It is itself a social media platform which provide background music and dilogues upon which user has to act .people enjoy this alot by acting they feel like actors and also it improves their acting and expression skills.This is one of those media which give tough competition to Pubg .althought apps are not gender bias but just like Pubg is more famous among boys girls are not behind boys even in this feild too,tik-tok is more famous among girls.tik tik vedios are not only upto it's platform but hese vedios are viral like a hell in other sites also like Facebook,Instagram,whatsaap etc.making it very trendy in a trendy list.

Thus conclusion is everything which gets viral over social media become trendy for us either it is bad or good .But in the end we have to decide what is trendy for us as in the end we are responsible for making anything popular or neglecting anything so in this modern era we should make best use of our thoughts and should take care about what to promote and what to leave .

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