Trends in social media

Trends in social media
Social media is constantly evolving.
It’s no longer just a place for your family and friends to share old and embarrassing photos of you every Thursday. Today marketing and social media go hand in hand.
 analyzed data from previous years and determined what trends saw a steady incline. Plus, even though the year isn’t over yet, I was able to see which new developments were the most prominent in these early months.
I predict that these trends will continue in the coming year. It’s important for you and your brand to stay on top of things right now.

1.Live video continues to thrive
It should come as no surprise that this continues to be a popular trend in future.In fact, live video content has become so popular that roughly 95% of brand executives say itwill be a crucial part of their future marketing strategy, according to recent study.

2. Influencer marketing is evolving
Influencer marketing isn’t a new concept either. But the way that it’s being used on social media channels is definitely changing in future.
More specifically, companies are starting to partner with micro influencers to increase their credibility.

3. Brands are taking advantage of paid advertisements
It’s future, so businesses know they need to have an active presence on social media. They have profiles on multiple platforms and update them on a daily basis.
While this is definitely necessary for survival, it’s not quite enough.
Companies that want to take their social media strategies to the next level also pay for advertisements.

4. Social listening
Social platforms are listening to your conversations. Whether you want to believe this or not, it’s the truth.
I know you’ve seen it before. You’re talking about something with your friends and then you see an advertisement for it on social media.
Creepy? Yes. But that’s the reality of the world we live in right now.

5. Referral traffic and organic reach are declining
Social platforms are changing their algorithms. This is impacting what users see on their timelines.
As a result, homepages and timelines aren’t flooded with as many posts and ads from brands. Instead, posts from family and friends are being prioritized.
6. Small businesses are increasing their social presence
Nobody can afford to ignore social media anymore. It’s become a regular part of our everyday lives.
Ten years ago, small business owners may have thought it was unnecessary to build a presence on social media, but now they are all realizing how important it is for staying competitive.
Developments in social media are constantly changing.
So we have to update with day to day and time to time to know what’s going on social media . These trends have shown a huge effect on our lives and it is going to show in the future also. These play a major role in our lives as we are also dealing with it.
I think Twitter is going to make some big changes in future. Unlike the rest of my list, it’s more of a gut feeling as opposed to a fact-driven statement, which is why I left it out.

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