Trends In Social Media
              Trend is something that changes everyday. Some trends might impact society and may be meaningful, But some trends can be of no use. Social media is such  powerful platform that it can influence people an can create an impact on society. this impact and influence can be both in a helpful or destroying ways. Some of trends in social media are Social listening, Augmented realities
and many. One of such trends is  hashtag "metoo"(#metoo). #metoo is a tweet that influenced many people to open up and say their struggles of going through sexual harassment and abuse. This movement started to get viral in 2017 as a hashtag in tweeter. To demonstrate the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace
 This was popularized by an American actress Alyssa Milano. She encouraged victims of sexual harassment to tweet about it with #metoo.Which inspired many people to rise their voice against the issue. Not only normal people but many celebrities started to share there stories . Also many celebrities were accused of sexual assault. Like Varun Grover, Alok Nath,Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahi and many other. Point to be noted is though they were accused publicly no action was taken against them because of stardom. Most of the tweets did not get the justice or attention that they need to get. The moment #metoo is followed by an other hashtag which is #churchtoo which drops  the light on sexual abuse that is made in church.
 According to surveys most of the sexual harassment and assaults are experienced by women working in the fashion and media industries than stands in next place are church and educational institutes. which is a shame to know that places that are suppose to spread knowledge and faith to people are actually harassing and abusing sexually the thought itself is deeplydepressing. many told there stories but we never know how many untold stories are there and what they have gone through.
 An other major trend in social media is social media advertisement.Brands are taking a lot of advantage of social media. This comes under the digital marketing. Advertising in social media is an easy and excellent way to reach bulk of audience and promote the product , This kind of advertising is budget friendly and boost up the market and popularity of brand. Social media is considered as quick and easy way to reach out for people attention
As we know some trends are just for entertainment .Now a days challenges are trending in social media.This challenges which people accept and do on social media are taken by celebrities .One of the challenge that lasted and trended for a while is kiki challenge . which is dancing along as the car moves on to the song which was composed by famous musician Drake .and they are many challenges like bottleflipping challenge. so trends will be trending for no reason at all sometimes.its ok to follow trends that are of good influence and for entertainment purpose but before posting something think about the way its going to portrait in society   

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