Social media refers to the platform which allow people to share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. Basically, social media are interactive Web 2.0 internet- based applications. User engage with this via computer, tablet or smartphone. Social media originated as a way to interact with friends and family but was latter adopted by businesses which wanted to take advantages of a popular and new communication method to reach out to customers. The power of social media is the ability to connect and share information with anyone on the Earth, or with many people simultaneously. 
Social media has given birth to the "trends". Trends are the general movement or flow of an event or phenomenon over time. Trends can be either positively or negatively directed. "Everybody is someone on social media". We follow our friends and family any many other celebrities. If someone likes something, others also try to have that and experience that. Trends are the thing which we get influenced off. Any activity or post is viewed and shared by maximum number of people, there is the chance of that post occupying the place in the trending list. Every new thing, if it is designed with some creativity and has the ability of seeking the attention of user becomes the new trend. In simple words, the topic of discussion among majority of the people is trend. Let us take some example for making our discussion more precise. Let us talk about the FaceApp, which was very popular and trending few months ago. This app came into existence in 2017 but in 2019 it came with better light and photo effects. It has also raced to top 4th grossing app on Google Play Store. FaceApp uses Artificial Intelligence to predict how the user would look when he/she get old or younger. This app allows the user to artificially add beard, mustache style or certain look on the app. User can also swap gender or replace background with a simple tap. Now if one can analyse the reason behind the popularity of the app will get that AI system of the app finds the best hair style and hair colors for the user according to the shape of face. The AI prediction looks much more realistic than other free apps on the play store made for the same purpose. So, by this, it allows the people to explore more about their looks for free.
Social media also has the ability to put some person on the trending list. Ranu Mondal became the internet sensation almost overnight when a after a video of her singing at the Ranaghat railway station of West-Bengal went viral. She was widely praised for her melodious voice. Users of social media liked her song and shared the video throughout the internet. Her voice got publicity and she is currently working for the Bollywood. Social media helped the talent to get the right place.
Social media also shows the hatred to some people and the post. This is called trolling. This can happen to anyone but generally this happens with some well-known person if they try to do something different from their previously built image.
So, a person never knows when he/she will come in the trending list. This can make you a star over night or it can become the reason for your fall also. So, it is advised to use social media judiciously. 
Sometimes, some online games and challenges also occupy the trending position. Some of them are Blue Whale and kiki challenge. Blue whale is also known as the suicide game, where the participant is assigned different tasks for 50 days and the last task is of doing suicide. Many children got trapped into and lost their lives. Later on the game developer was arrested. Another one is the kiki challenge which came in existence after the Canadian hip-hop superstar Drakes's hit song "In My Feelings". This involves dancing along a moving car, mimicking the lyrics and showing off. This challenge lead to several road accident and spot deaths. 
Trends are created by the people, used by the people and the effect is also felt by the people. So, the conclusion of the story is that anybody might get affected by these trends but one must use brain before trying to use these trend so that they must not get harmed. World has equal amount of goods and bad but we must filter the goods for ourselves using our brain. After all we human are blessed with the most weapon i.e. brain. We must use it properly and positively.

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