Name    : Raj Ahmed.  :11703391.
Sec/roll :RK0059A06.

As we all know many things changed over past 10 years because of the trend and development. All things change as we grow up, for example: our dressing, mobile devices etc. As the same social media also got very good fame now a days. In past people doesn’t know what is social media and how it was important in this digital world. In simple words I can say that social media is a powerful sword to human beings so that we can achieve anything and can do anything with social media. The development of mobile technology has played an important role in shaping the impact of social media. We know that social media is being used in such a way that shape politics, business, education, innovation and many more. There is a very good and huge effect of social media on politics, according to one survey 62 percent of get their news from social media. As we know that political leaders know that social media is very powerful at the time of elections so that they will do much many trends and shows that are favourable to their party. We have many social applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter etc According to my view twitter is the best option that one can use it. In twitter all the news will be known very fast and the data which we see in twitter will be max correct one. Many hero and heroines use twitter much. Twitter has the power that can influence politics and film can make a very good film into a flop film and it can make a average film to a superhit film. Without social media there is no life now a days and without social media, social, ethical, environmental and politics ills would have minimal visibility. The main thing about Business also needs social media for example: ecommerce applications use social media platform very effectively .They are many moral challenges of social media has been blamed for promoting social ills such as lack of privacy, cyberbullying etc. Now a days teenagers are using social media in a wrong way and it should be controlled. As we know that they are many advantages and disadvantages of social media. Stalking, personal attacks and misuse of the threads faced by the users of social media
                                Social media is everywhere now from child to aged one and it is showing very real impact on our society And according to recent survey almost a quarter of the worlds population is on Facebook as a result people are now exposed to different cultures and practices. So Finally I can say that if we use social media in a very correct way then we can achieve any thing in this society and it was ethically correct one and social media should not be misused like blackmailing others, stalking etc.




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