Top 5 places to visit in Punjab , Tourist Places in Punjab

Punjab is refered as a 'land of five rivers’It is situated in the north of India.Punjab is also famous for  religious diversity as here many religious live together with mutual understanding and helping hand to each other Punjab is one of those states which rank in the top list in helping other in any condition either there is climatic disaster anywhere or any other mishappening . It is only in Punjab where in the summer diffrent type of cold drinks namely sharbat,shabil,water is served at corner of the roads for free .All these things attract the tourist to visit and interact with people of Punjab .Other than this  Punjab is also famous for its famous placespthat are worth visit.Here are top 5 places to visit in Punjab

Golden temple : The Golden temple also knows as Harimandar Sahib is situated in Amritsar,Punjab .It is one of the Holy pilgrimage of Sikhs.People from not only India but from outside the country also come here specially to seek the blessings.Not only Sikhs but people of other case also come here and find peace thus this place is symbol of brotherhood and equality.It is called as Golden Temple as it is plated with gold thus added to its beauty.Also the temple can be entered from four diffrent sides which shows openness and acceptance.The man made lake around the temple is known as'Amrit Sarovar' which means 'Pool of Holy Nectar'.The Langar at the Golden temple serves up to 2 lakh people.Not only this Golden temple is one of the most significant symbols of Mughal and Indian architectural.

Sheesh Mahal :
 As clear from name that sheesh Sheesh Mahal is Mahal of mirrors.It is situated in Patiala.It is three storied building and it was built by Maharaja Narendra Singh.Its architecture has mixed influence of both Mughlas and European It has a remarkable collection of miniature paintings, craved metal and ivory artefacts from across Punjab, Kashmir, Burma and Tibet, including a gruesome albeit fascinating apron of human bones.The grounds of the Sheesh Mahal are dotted with several statues, including one of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh and an imposing statue of Queen Victoria. There is also a bridge which link it with Bansar Ghat

Chattbir Zoo : It is situated 7 kms away from Chandigarh About 80 species of rare and endangered animals, reptiles and birds have been domiciled in the zoo. But it is the white Tiger that attracts the charm of this place.With time,the Chhatbir Zoo has become a well flourished wildlife garden that is counted as one of the major attractions of Punjab.The greenery, coupled with the presence of a lake and floral richness makes it the perfect picnic spot for a fun-filled day .

Ram tirath: This temple is situated 11kms away from Amritsar on Amritsar lopoke road.It is the historical temple.It is actually ashram of sages Valmiki.Here hehgave shelter to mata Sita when shs was abondoned after lanaka victory. Here mata Sita gave birth to twins luv and kush. It is also believed that the fight between lord Ram and luv and kush had also taken place here only.  

Jalianwallah Bagh : It is historical place situated in Amritsar. this incident took place .It marks one of the major political crimes committed by the Britishers .On 13 April 1919, thousands of people were gathered at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar, Punjab. This day also marks the beginning of New Year in Punjab as they celebrate Baisakhi . People travel days to reach Punjab on this auspicious day to celebrate Baisakhi with their family. On the morning of Baisakhi, Colonel Reginald Dyer had announced the implementation of a curfew throughout Amritsar and a ban on all processions that even prohibited a group of 4 or more people to meet publicly. At about 12:40 PM, Dyer received information about the meeting taking place at Jallianwala Bagh. Soon, thousands of people were gathered at the Jallianwala Bagh. Jallianwala Bagh was covered on all sides by walls reaching up to 10 feet. It is equipped with narrow entrances, most of which were locked. The place was flocked by the devotees, traders, farmers and merchants who visited Amritsar to enjoy the festival.At 4:30 PM, General Dyer arrived there with armed troops.On Dyer's orders, there was firing done on the uninformed crowd. There were about 25,000 people present there. Some tried to escape while some choose to jump in the well built in the premises of Jallianwala Bagh.The firing continued for about 10 minutes.The scattered dead bodies could not even be moved due to the implemented curfew. The number of deaths caused due to the firing had been a dispute still.The official enquiry by the British informed about 379 deaths, the death toll was quoted to be around 1,000 by Congress. There were about 120 dead bodies recovered from the well also. 

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