Sodal Baba mela


Most of the people know Jalandhar as famous for sports goods.But it not enough Jalandhar is famous for many other things too,one of them is 'Sodal'.It is story about Baba Sodal.Sodal Mandir is situated near Devi talab Mandir on sodal road,Jalandhar.Baba sodal was born in family of Chadha in Jalandhar City . It is said that one day, Baba Sodal’s mother went to the nearby pond to wash clothes and Baba Sodal followed her .He was told not to do so and go back home.

Losing her temper, Baba Sodal's mother asked him to drown himself in the pond. Sodal asked her to repeat her words three times and as she did, he plunged into the water never to appear again.It is believed that he transformed into a snake and bored himself inside the earth.
The Samadhi consisting of a painted portrait of Baba Sodal decorated with garland and rosaries is the main place of worship. There is a tank called" Baba Sodal-da-Sarovar "where people  take a holy dip.

Every year in mid September, a fair is held at the Samadhi on the occasion of Anant Chaturdashi. People belonging to different religions come to this fair from different parts of the country.

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